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Below is public information available about Bowling Brook Farms, including founding documents and guidelines. Note that this information should not be considered to supercede any of the written documents. Much of the material below was scanned, and as such may contain errors. Please read the disclaimer if you have further questions.

Official Documents

The Architectural Committee meets the 1st Wednesday of each month. In order for the Committee to review your request, your application and other required information must be received in the management agent’s office at least one week prior to the meeting.

  1. Architectural Guidelines and Rules and Regulations (pdf)
  2. Architectural Application (pdf)
  3. Direct Debit Form (pdf)
  4. Landscape Planting Guidelines (pdf)
  5. Howard County Deck Guide (pdf)
  6. Howard County Bulk Trash Collection (pdf)
  7. Paint Color Guidelines (pdf)
  8. Paint Color Palette (pdf)
  9. Parking Rules and Regulations (pdf)


Bowling Brook publishes a newsletter from time to time (approximately every quarter). Some newsletters are currently provided online, are not complete for various reasons. The newsletters are in Adobe PDF format.

The newsletter archive contains newsletters from the past three issues.

October 2013
July 2013
May 2013
January 2013
October 2012
June 2012
Inspection Newsletter 2012
January 2012
November 2011
August 2011
May 2011

Meeting Minutes

Each month the Board of Directors meets in an open meeting to conduct association business. The minutes of these meetings become a matter of public record after they have been approved at the next open meeting. The minutes are provided in Adobe PDF format.

August 21, 2013
June 19, 2013
May 15, 2013
April 4, 2013
March 20, 2013
February 15, 2013
January 16, 2013

Other Information

Other information (committee meeting minutes, committee charters, architectural review forms, etc.) that is of interest to homeowners is available upon request.


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